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This cheeky donkey was very interested in helping me out on this Alarm installation on his stables and Tack room

This customer had just moved in and required a CCTV System, Security Alarm System & TV Aerial System.

With the customer wanting all three completed at the same time, we did a bit of a deal on the price!!

Setting up the control panel via the engineers keypad and connected to the laptop ricochet monitor software and programmed via the laptop to speed up the programming

We now have our IPAF PAL (powered access license)

We have been trained to safely use MEWP's (mobile elevating working platforms)

The installation of a CCTV DVR & Security Alarm system control panel in a loft space, the customer was able to view and operate the cctv system on his living room TV and mobile phone.

The customer was also able to operate the Security Alarm system from the keypad in the hallway and from h...

With the new Texecom Premier wireless control panels, we are able to connect a laptop to the system and see how all the sensors are performing, we see how the sensors are reporting back to the control panel either directly to the panel or daisy chaining via other devices on the system,ba...

The new Texecom smart com module is an add unit that enables your alarm system to be online... you can set/unset the alarm system from your mobile device and receive notifications of any activated alarms and which users set/unset the alarm system

Wireless Control Panel

Wireless Sensors
Wireless Sounders
Wireless Keypads

The wireless keypads can be placed in any location without the worry of routing cables

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