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With the Clearflow Beam2 kits, you are able to install cameras on out buildings/ garages etc around your property without the need to run cables to them

With this installation the customer required a CCTV system at a 2nd farm 1.75 miles away  which had no land line connection for broadband, and they wanted to be able to view and operate the system at the main farm

With these high powered access points you are able to view and operate  a c...

Some installations require the cameras to mounted lower down than mounting them on soffit boards/walls.

So with this installation we made use of the gutter down pipe to conceal as much external cabling as possible.

Well not quite, we offer our HD Cameras in either white or one shade of grey.

This camera is a grey full HD vari vocal turret style camera with a grey mounting base.

This system was installed on a bungalow, so the cameras to the front, side & driveway are anti vandal dome cameras as they are within arms reach.

The rear garden was covered by a motorized 4MP turret camera located on the rear apex for long range coverage.

With the new Texecom Premier wireless control panels, we are able to connect a laptop to the system and see how all the sensors are performing, we see how the sensors are reporting back to the control panel either directly to the panel or daisy chaining via other devices on the system,ba...

A brand new 3 storey mid terrace house with no apex or chimney to locate the aerial externally.

This installation worked perfectly in the loft with good signal thanks to a high gain aerial and a 8 way masthead amplifier and power supply all located in the loft space.

This Customer had just brought this property and the garden was a little over grown, it was taking over the house!!

This Installation required Anti Vandal dome cameras as these were in arms reach as the were on the soffit board of the extension

With the cameras on the soffit boards we were able to hide the cable 100% for a neat installation, one happy customer as he was having his pride and joy vandali...

The Indoor Wifi cameras come with 2 way audio and 5m infra red.

These cameras can be added to a DVR/NVR recording unit or used as a stand alone camera with an SD memory card and mobile app viewing

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