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This Installation was on a port and required the use of a MEWP (mobile elevating working platform) also known as a 'cherry picker'

With this installation we had to attend 2 health and safety inductions one for the land owners and one for the customer.

The system had PTZ cameras for general...

We now have our IPAF PAL (powered access license)

We have been trained to safely use MEWP's (mobile elevating working platforms)

The Hik-Vision Wi-Fi doorbell is operated and viewed via an app on your mobile phone with video and two way audio.

You can also integrate the doorbell into the Hik-Vision CCTV system to record video and audio

Installation of a High gain Aerial installation and Masthead Amplifier kit in the customers loft space.

These 4 HD PTZ cameras were installed on a barn to give cover to all 4 corners of the barn and have the option to pan tilt and zoom the surrounding farm land

The installation of a CCTV DVR & Security Alarm system control panel in a loft space, the customer was able to view and operate the cctv system on his living room TV and mobile phone.

The customer was also able to operate the Security Alarm system from the keypad in the hallway and from h...

 These Grey CCTV Cameras blended in well on these black fascia boards

LTE 4g routers enable you to have a internet connection at a location without the option of a landline to connect to the world wide web.

These work just like your mobile phone giving you 4G data enabling you to have a internet network and wifi just like a BT broadband router provides


The 'Air 3 & 5' kits on this Commercial installation were installed to enable samsung tablets installed in a loader and a lorry to view the cctv system whilst the lorry was getting loaded with wood pellets. the loader driver was located indoors loading a hopper and was able to see when t...

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