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This Customer wanted both freeview & Sky piped around the house via a distribution system in the roof space

This customer gave us a call to come and sort out these messy cables.

They were all over the walls & roof!!

F​irst job today was this Freesat Satellite installation for a lovely couple which we have done a lot of work for over the years.Cheers guys, 

This property must of been the best bird perch in town!!! Look at the mess on thr customers solar panels. Hopefully this will stop them making a mess.

This installation was a upgrade on a Apartment Block.

The customer extended the property by adding extra apartments.

With this upgrade each apartment had twin satellite,TV Aerial and Radio inputs all from one socket

This Customer was suffering with poor Digital TV Reception due to the fact that the property was a bungalow surrounded by tall trees.

With this installation the customer could watch Coronation Street in piece.

With this system installed the customer was able to have either 16 single satellite feeds or 8 double satellite feeds (For sky plus/freesat recorder) all from one satellite dish

This is one of our existing customers who wanted his CCTV system upgrading so he can see whos at the gate and use the intercom to talk to the person and operate the gate opening

This kit is attached to your existing Aerial installation to prevent birds from sitting on your Aerial and making a mess below

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